May the visitors of our web page be greeted on behalf of the General Purpose Small Region Association of Szombathely.
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The project was realised with the co-financing of the European Union within the framework of the Europa Plan.


A Szombathelyi Kistérség Többcélú Társulása nevében tisztelettel köszöntöm honlapunk látogatóit.

May the visitors of our web page be greeted on behalf of the General Purpose Small Region Association of Szombathely.

In 1996, the representatives of 40 settlements around Szombathely, the seat of Vas county, decided to use the opportunity given by the Act on regional development and physical planning and make an agreement in order to regulate development plans, revise programs and suggestions on physical planning concepts. Our co-operations have been expanded in further areas for instance social services, internal audit, library services.

Members of the association: Acsád, Balogunyom, Bozzai, Bucsu, Csempeszkopács, Dozmat, Felsőcsatár, Gencsapáti, Gyanógeregye, Horvátlövő, Ják, Kisunyom, Meszlen, Narda, Nárai, Nemesbőd, Nemeskolta, Perenye, Pornóapáti, Rábatöttös, Rum, Salköveskút, Sé, Sorkifalud, Sorkikápolna, Sorokpolány, Söpte, Szentpéterfa, Szombathely, Tanakajd, Táplánszentkereszt, Torony, Vasasszonyfa, Vaskeresztes, Vassurány, Vasszécseny, Vasszilvágy, Vát, Vép and Zsennye.

It can be seen form the above list, that our area of 646 square kilometre lies between the picturesque landscapes in upper Pinka valley and the Rába river, the greatest river in the country. Together with the inhabitants of Szombathely, the population of the neighbourhood is about 113 thousand people of Hungarian, German, Croatians and other ethnic origins who have been living peacefully together for more than a thousand year. Not only the landscape but also peoples’ communities show a great diversity whose local patriotism, the roots of which come from the love for the homeland, has widely been known as to keep up their togetherness. The small region is abundant in natural beauties, historic and cultural mementoes. It deserves attention to brose through the web pages of our settlements.

Even the fact that there is opportunity to greet our visitors through he device of the electric media has been a result of our fruitful cooperation: the Association and Szombathely County Rank City together gained a grant to support the maintenance of our web page. We have managed to develop our infrastructure, renew our environment and public buildings with grants from various funds in the past 9 years. We annually organise the Small Region Fair to present our culture, traditions and folk arts, in each September to which we would like to invite all the visitors of this web page as well.

Besides it is a pleasure to live in our small region, it is worth visiting it and getting acquainted with it. Hospitable local inhabitants enjoy visiting guests who arrive to see our exciting sights. Furthermore, our experts, who are equally well-prepared as their European fellows, offer favourable investment opportunities, the work of whom has been supported by high standard educational networks and further training facilities.

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Gyula Varga        

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